Royal jelly in blossom honey

Royal jelly, which the bees use to produce the queen, is the bees’ secret recipe for new vitality and zest for life.

From the countless bee larvae inside a beehive, just one bee larva at a time is fed with royal jelly and therefore goes on to become the queen bee. The mature queen is also fed with royal jelly throughout her life, whilst the worker bees are required to feed on a mixture of pollen and nectar. 

In contrast to the normal worker bee, which has a life expectancy of just 5 weeks, the queen bee lives for around 5 years. She also becomes significantly larger and is unique in being tremendously fertile.
With this BIHOPHAR® product, fresh royal jelly is stabilised using natural methods in selected blossom honey in quantities of 5000 mg / 500 g, and made available for human consumption in this way.

Royal jelly in blossom honey is sold in a 500 g jar.

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