Manuka honey from New Zealand

Our BIHOPHAR Manuka honey from New Zealand is something very special: in the mountain regions of New Zealand, the bees produce this delicious honey from the nectar of the Tea Tree. This plant, also known as manuka myrtle, has long been recognised as a traditional healing plant by the native inhabitants of New Zealand, the Maori. It is not only the plant’s bark and the essential oils contained within it, but also the honey produced from it that is used as a remedy and to treat internal and external infections. Because unlike conventional types of honey, New Zealand Manuka honey contains a very high concentration of heat-resistant methylglyoxal (MGO), which has been identified as having an antibacterial effect by Dresden University of Technology. The MGO factor indicates the proven concentration of methylglyoxal per kilogram of Manuka honey. The higher this value, the more effective the honey. 

Our BIHOPHAR Manuka honey from New Zealand contains a very high value of MGO 400+. 

Manuka honey from New Zealand is sold in a 250 g jar.

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