Our brand values

First launched in 1947, BIHOPHAR is a well-known honey brand operated by the family-owned company Fürsten-Reform Dr. med. Hans Plümer GmbH & Co. KG, based in Braunschweig.

The BIHOPHAR honey range offers a large variety of pure honey of the best beekeeper quality. Among the BIHOPHAR products you'll find exquisite specialities and pure monofloral, or single-source, honey types with a spectrum of flavours. With around 50 different products, BIHOPHAR offers the largest selection and diversity of honey in Germany.

Honey - a pure, natural foodstuff

BIHOPHAR honey is totally natural and sourced from selected and very experienced beekeepers in carefully-chosen areas who guarantee careful harvesting that protects the nutrients. The greatest attention is paid to quality: Each batch is examined by our honey specialists and by independent specialist institutes on delivery and before bottling and in some cases over 40 parameters are checked.

A control number is then assigned to each jar based on a flawless certificate of analysis. That's how we guarantee a controlled natural foodstuff, glass by glass.

The first creamy honey

Fifty years ago Mountain Blossom Honey was launched under the Genuine Honeycomb label on the German market. It was the first creamy, spreadable, brand-product honey in the food retail business. Even today it is Germany's favourite creamy honey. (Today it's sold under the brand name "Wabenquell", or Honeycomb Source, instead of "Wabenecht", or Genuine Honeycomb.)

As well as the bestseller Honeycomb Source, the large HAR product range includes monofloral honey, such as acacia or forest honey; national specialities, such as honey from the south of France; fair-trade honey; organic honey; and other specialities, e.g. royal jelly.

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