Manuka honey from New Zealand

Our BIHOPHAR  Manuka Honey  from New Zealand is something very special indeed: In the mountainous regions of New Zealand, this precious honey is produced by bees foraging on the nectar of Leptospermum scoparium. The plant, also known as the Manuka bush, and the honey extracted from it were already being held in high esteem in ancient times by New Zealand's indigenous people, the Maori. 

Manuka honey differs from other conventional honeys in particular through its high content of heat-resistant methylglyoxal (MGO), the effect of which is the subject of research at the Institute of Food Chemistry at the Technical University of Dresden.

The MGO factor indicates the proven concentration of methylglyoxal per kilogram of Manuka honey. The higher this value, the more valuable the honey.

We offer our BIHOPHAR Manuka Honey from New Zealand with a very high value of MGO 400+.

The Manuka Honey from New Zealand is available in 250 g jars.

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