Organic Honey Fairtrade

Runny organic fairtrade honey

This honey unites ORGANIC and Fairtrade in a single jar!

The bees collect the nectar for this aromatic honey from remote mountainous regions of Latin America, where a wide variety of natural blossoms can grow undisturbed. With its runny consistency, it adds perfect sweetness to tea or muesli for example.

The Fairtrade seal guarantees the purchaser that the honey is traded at fair prices and under fair conditions.  Bee-keeping is an additional source of income for small families on many farms in Latin America and they receive a premium from Fairtrade. The beekeepers, together with other families, collectively decide on investments in schools, hospitals and infrastructure in order to improve their quality of life. 
In order for the honey to bear the ORGANIC seal, the beekeepers must satisfy strict criteria that are checked and guaranteed by ORGANIC control authorities. The beehives must be produced from natural materials such as wood for example, and must be located in a region where only natural, wild plants grow within a radius of three kilometres.

Our runny ORGANIC Fairtrade honey is sold in a 500 g jar.

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