Organic Honey Fairtrade

Ceamy organic fairtrade honey

This honey is doubly delightful: It bears the organic mark and the Fairtrade seal! 

Attracted by the intensive fragrance of countless blossoms, the bees gather the nectar for this fine creamy honey from the mountainous regions of Latin America. 

The Fairtrade seal guarantees that the honey is purchased at fair prices and under fair conditions. So that the Latin American beekeepers receive fixed minimum prices for the honey, which cover all costs and guarantee the family livelihood. Furthermore, Fairtrade ensures healthy and socially-acceptable working conditions. Additional investments in schools, hospitals and infrastructure also contribute to improving the living standards of the beekeepers. 

In order to bear the organic mark, the organic honey must also satisfy further criteria: The beehives must be located in largely unspoilt locations. Furthermore, there may be only wild plants or organically grown plants at the disposal of the bees within a radius of three kilometres. Additionally, the bees must be left with sufficient pollen and honey reserves for the winter, and the hives must be produced predominantly from natural materials such as wood or thatch. 

Our creamy organic Fairtrade honey is sold in a 500 g jar.

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