Royal jelly in blossom honey

Royal jelly is a unique speciality, produced by our beekeepers in time-consuming manual craftsmanship. The special properties of royal jelly  enable ordinary worker bees to be transformed into queens. From among the multitude of bee larvae within a particular hive, only one single larva is fed with royal jelly and thereby develops into a queen bee. 

We combine the fruity note of fine royal jelly with our creamy BIHOPHAR blossom honey, thereby creating an aromatic yet simultaneously mild honey speciality for that special indulgence.

In this BIHOPHAR product, fresh royal jelly is stabilised naturally in a dosage of 5000 mg / 500 g in selected blossom honey, thereby making it suitable for human consumption. 

Royal jelly in blossom honey is available in 500 g jars.

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